Staff Development for Teachers K-12

Provide teachers with the tools and understanding necessary to enhance the growth and advancement of gifted students, through staff development training with Dr. Patty. Incorporating her three decades of experience working with thousands of gifted and profoundly gifted children and adolescents, Dr. Patty will help teachers integrate what it means to be gifted from the inside out, learn how to develop meaningful and cooperative relationships, and understand what is necessary to motivate and support these students in the classroom. Her witty, sensitive and enthusiastic presentation style entertains and supports teachers, as they develop greater understanding and confidence in their ability to be a "gifted teacher" and not just a teacher of the gifted.

What is giftedness?

What can I expect from a gifted child's performance?

If she doesn't perform well, is she really gifted?

If she is so bright, why can't she perform well in all subjects?

How can I create a win-win strategy and end power struggles?

What can I do to help reduce stress and yet keep her motivated?

She is sensitive and emotional and reacts intensely to classroom situations, is she really okay?

Can she handle the intense work in the gifted program?

How can I help gifted students feel a sense of belonging and challenge in my classroom?

What teachers have said...

"Thank you so much for your expert help. You shared what I needed to hear to sort things out and move on from a stuck position. This is the first training in 12 years of teaching that I wasn't looking at the clock but hoping instead that it would go on and on!"


"Thank you for being specific on what strategies work with our kids and which ones don't. A light bulb went off in my head over and over again."


"Your examples made the concepts of asynchrony and intensities come to life! Plus, your questions for us to ponder were very poignant! Thank you for expanding my psyche!"


"Your presentation offered a nice blend of theoretical and practical. Your discussion of vulnerabilities was particularly helpful as a foundation on how to interact more productively with our gifted students."


"Just wanted to tell you that because of your wonderful work with me and in learning from you, I was able to offer help to a very concerned parent of one of my gifted students."