Educational Consulting for Parent Groups

Parents are overwhelmed by the demands and multi-faceted needs of their gifted children. Dr. Patty's sensitive and reassuring presentation style, coupled with her vast and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of gifted children and families, creates an experience that changes the lives of participants. Incorporating three decades of experience working with thousands of gifted and profoundly gifted children and adults, Dr. Patty caringly responds to parents spoken and unspoken concerns with thorough, concise and practical holistic information. She sensitively weaves tools and strategies that enhance individual and family health and well being, and provides guidance that calms parental angst and leads families in a positive direction.

Why is my child so different?

Why is she so demanding, sensitive, reactionary and intense?

What can I do to help my child thrive and be happy?

How can I embrace and nurture his uniqueness while also helping him to fit in?

How can I find a goodness of fit for her?

How can I broaden my child's interest and assist him to try something new?

How can I promote performance without adding to her stress?

How can I successfully advocate for my child?

Could my child be emotionally gifted or spiritually gifted, and what does that mean?

What parents have said...

“I am an educator and parent of gifted children. You validated me, and gave me tools and strategies! The stigma is gone—I can say that I am a proud parent. I do get what is different about my child and finally that is okay. Now, can you go on Oprah!”


“I loved your visual/spatial presentation style and your metaphor of describing children with this mode of learning as one who ‘follows the flow of water (thoughts) down a stream which naturally travels into numerous tributaries along the way, covering more territory and scenery than the more common linear approach.’ This was very helpful in understanding my way of thinking as well as my child’s. Now I know that ‘how I think’ is not wrong or deficient, but colorful and expansive!”


“Everything you said was helpful. This is the first time this information was presented to me even though my high school sons have been in gifted programs since first grade. I wish every teacher could hear you speak to learn who these kids really are and why they do what they do, or don’t do.”