Assemblies for Gifted students
(Grades 3-12; College Honors Programs)

Dr. Patty's thoughtful and caring interaction style, coupled with her intimate understanding of the holistic inner workings of gifted and profoundly gifted children and adolescents, makes her a spectacular speaker with gifted students of any grade level. Her empathic, perceptive and enthusiastic personality helps children to relax as they explore their giftedness from another perspective. Dr. Patty helps the children to understand and embrace their complexity, sensitivity and intensities, and learn to listen to their "whole self" for direction and personal guidance. Presentations are developmentally specific and address the concerns and needs of diverse age and maturity levels of participants. Students cry, laugh, clap and shriek as they listen to her tell "their" personal story with humor, insight and wisdom.

Assemblies can address many student concerns, including:

What does being gifted mean?

Is there a choice to be gifted or not?

Will this label affect what others expect of me? Will others have a hard time accepting me?

What am I suppose to do if I am too bored at school or in a class that is too hard?

Where do I fit in?

How can I meet other students like me? Will I find true friends? Will I date?

How can I choose the right college and college major for me?

Will I always be gifted or do you outgrow it?

What students have said...

"Thank you for making a difference in my life. I never before understood why I felt so separate from others. For the first time I know nothing is really wrong with me."


"I value your wisdom and direction. Today you helped me feel solid inside and to value my own path. I don't have to become what others want me to be, or only use my talents in the ways they want me to. I get to choose."


"You gave me the pieces to the puzzle that were missing. I never could grasp why I felt different and stood out from others, even when I did not want to. And why I have had a hard time finding a true friend who "gets me" and does not want something from me."


"Instead of feeling bad about me, I feel great!"


"So many pieces came together. I just received "a get out of jail" card!!!"