During the past 30 years, Dr. Patty has provided individual, couple, family, and group counseling to gifted and profoundly gifted individuals across the life span, from very young children to people in their elder years. Her therapeutic orientation is holistic with a relationship focus. This means she does not assume to be the expert in your life, while you are the student. Instead we transverse together exploring your experiences, and following the multi-layered interwoven threads between your thoughts, emotions, body messages, intuitive knowing, moral and ethical beliefs, and social discomfort or ease. The course of counseling is determined by your current circumstances, feelings and interactive responses to your life.

The goal of counseling is to help you recognize, listen to, and respect the interactive complexity of who you are—mind, heart, body, spirit, and social self—and learn to create an inner experience of harmony and peace. You will reflect and more deeply understand what you have previously chosen, and what you wish to choose now, in order to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

Areas of specialty include special needs and concerns of gifted clientele of all ages:

• Intensities and overexcitabilities
• Asynchronous development and "fitting in"
• Social isolation or discomfort
• Sensitivities and vulnerabilities
• Perfectionism
• Depression, stress and anxiety
• Finding a good educational fit
• Multi-potentiality
• Life transitions
• Personal, educational, and career decision making

Additional Issues of Gifted Adults:

Intimacy and competition
Career and family balance
Embracing sensitivity and intensities in relationships
Job and family stress, demands and performance
Career fulfillment or discontent
How to create and maintain health and wellbeing

"As always, thank you for your talent, expertise and availability. I look forward to the time when you have a format and vehicle in which to share your wisdom with thousands!"


"Thank you for being the exceptional, caring individual you are and for responding and being available. Your response was a tremendous help and support to me this week."


"Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your insights, unique perspective, and encouragement have made all the difference."


"Now I like being alive-such a simple statement with such a complex background. Thank you for sharing the difficult times with me to help bring me to a place where I can make that statement."


"I feel powerful and whole, and I have access to guidance from inside me. I am out of the dark cave that enclosed me most of my life. I can honestly say, life is now worth living!"