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Consulting and Counseling PHILOSOPHY

Dr. Patty's professional orientation for both consulting and counseling work is holistic. This means that all domains of an individual are attended to, namely the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral, ethical, and social realms. Her work helps individuals to recognize and embrace the internal messages from these domains in order to receive guidance from within.

According to Dr. Patty's philosophy:
Our internal "radar system" is functioning perfectly each and every moment; we simply do not hear it or believe this to be true. In actuality, healthy functioning of our interactive system is our natural state. For most of us, we must first recognize that we have five domains which make up our total self. After we accept that these five domains are inseparable and function as the advising framework within us, we can embark on the process of reorienting our self. The ultimate goal is to integrate and enhance the mind, heart, body, spirit, and social self, and thereby live authentically and with integrity. Such personal assurance allows us to give of our selves with confidence; to live genuinely with others offering respect, compassion and kindness; and to harmoniously exist in both the human and natural world. We can then experience health and well being in daily life.


"You are so passionate with your knowledge and the way you express it. I was riveted to your every word. Thank you for letting us feel we are not alone and we can help our children!"

Family Educational Consultation

Through a three part consulting process, you will receive support and guidance on your child's educational needs. In the first meeting with parents, Dr. Patty obtains an initial understanding of family members and family dynamics, as well as parental perspectives on all issues. During the second meeting, Dr. Patty meets with your son or daughter. She spends time gently getting to know your child from "the inside out." Her goal is to holistically and empathically embrace the complexity, sensitivities, and intensities of your child. In the third meeting, parents meet with Dr. Patty again to review the issues and concerns, and receive feedback, suggestions, and guidance. The three meetings might occur in a three to four hour time frame, or may take longer depending on the complexity and magnitude of the family and child situation. Families leave with a feeling of reassurance and comfort, and a clear direction to pursue.

"We are overwhelmingly grateful to you for the sharing, enlightenment, relief and hope that you gave all there of us today. I can't truly describe our feelings, but I know you understand them. You're an amazing light. I can easily see how you must have lit up so many lives through the years. Thank you immensely, for everything."


"Your knowledge and experience are so superior; I have never seen or heard anyone talk about giftedness with such insight and compassion."


"Thank you for supporting me to allow my child to be who he is, and not pressuring him to be a product of his giftedness."

Family Renewal

Spend an engaging and inspirational two or three day family renewal in a spectacular mountain or beach setting. During this time, Dr. Patty will work with your family to solve problems at school and at home, while bringing true understanding and healing to complex, multifaceted family dynamics. Choose your accommodations either in the Rocky Mountain area of Boulder, Colorado or the beautiful ocean setting of Amelia Island, Florida. This family retreat will provide an opportunity for both a therapeutic family intervention and time as a family to relax, explore and enjoy the beautiful surrounding community.

During your stay, family members will receive individual attention in a loving and nurturing therapeutic environment designed to foster family comfort and well being. Each relationship within the family unit will receive attention and be enhanced. As a caring, compassionate counselor and consultant, Dr. Patty will provide parents with thorough discussions of their multi-faceted needs and concerns. Her goal is to provide supportive personal and educational assistance, an expanded perspective, and guidance for the family to attain health and well being through balance. Additionally, a holistic assessment of each child and of sibling dynamics, and refinement of parenting skills will be provided to promote family harmony. Our meeting time will culminate in an intensive solution-based, problem-solving parent conference providing objectives and direction.

"As a mother of a young gifted child, I have a lot of questions and fears. You not only embraced my son, but my entire family as well. When it comes to knowing about "giftedness" you are phenomenal! Many times you put my fears and anxieties to rest. I always left with a happy heart, feeling that I was a better parent because of the knowledge I took away from our time together. You are a true blessing to any family. The depth of knowledge and wisdom you have brought me is far more than I have found in any book."


"My children were immediately comfortable with you and the environment. We found your insights and advice incredibly useful in making decisions about our children's educational paths. After only a few hours over two days, we left feeling like we had a concrete plan for each child and a new friend and advocate for our family. We unreservedly would recommend you to any family seeking guidance for a gifted child."


"We were so pleased to have the time to meet with you and discuss our concerns regarding just how to support and work with our son both personally and educationally. From the notes I took during our session we have immediately started to follow through with your suggestions. It has brought unique glimpses of sunlight into our lives."


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Assemblies for Gifted Students: more info
(Grades 3-12; College Honors Programs)


“What an incredible speaker! Patty Gatto-Walden is knowledgeable, inspiring and a very talented speaker….I think that any teacher working with GT students needs to hear her speak. Every parent that I have spoken with came away from her presentation feeling that she truly understood gifted children, families and the dynamics that we all deal with on a daily basis. It made us feel validated and it was healing to hear her speak so honestly and knowledgably about gifted children and adults.”






Feeling burnt out, used up or uninspired?
Lost your vision, clarity and drive for success?
Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and plagued by lack of confidence?
Worried about being out of touch with current practices in the company, and feeling separated from colleagues and staff?
Having difficulty balancing work and family?

Attend an Executive and Management Renewal and...

  • Attain a sense of balance and well being in your life.
  • Rediscover your creative spark.
  • Rekindle your overall enthusiasm and move onto constructive change with confidence.
  • Refresh your personal and professional relationships.
  • Rejuvenate yourself and replenish your family life.


With three decades of holistic consulting experience, Dr. Patty will lead you through exercises to rejuvenate and integrate all aspects of your self: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, ethical, moral and social. In an atmosphere of respect and genuineness, she will facilitate sessions that ensure personal discovery, reduce stress and anxiety, and empower you to make new choices leading to health and well being. You will identify interfering thoughts, emotions, beliefs, stresses, and fears that sabotage your happiness, and limit your effectiveness. A thorough assessment of your internal set points will lead you to fresh insights and new awareness. You will learn to identify and let go of old, destructive ways of being, and discover how to re-orient and re-energize your whole self in order to live authentically and harmoniously in both your personal and professional daily life.


What executives have said...

"I feel more relaxed than I have for years. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep during the exercise. I can now fall asleep after years of having a really hard time getting to sleep at night. I can't tell you how good it feels to have my shoulders and mind relaxed."


"This time was inspirational and affirming. I feel more focused and self-confident. I needed your direct suggestions and strategies to help me know how to let go and move on ."


"I didn't know how tense and burnout I was. I make things so complicated! But right now I feel hopeful."


"I was so out of touch with my real gifts. I had been just plugging along. Thanks for helping me find out what I like and want again."


"Now I need you to come home with me so you can do this magic for the whole family! Do you make house calls?"