Educational Consulting for Administrators

While meeting with administrators and principals, Dr. Patty will tailor a presentation to focus on your districts concerns and desires in providing services for gifted students. Drawing upon her three decades of experience in gifted education, she will respond thoroughly to a full spectrum of behavioral, emotional and social developmental questions regarding gifted students. Administrators will attain a new found depth and breadth of understanding gifted children, and acquire practical tools and strategies to address their complex, multifaceted needs.

What are the innate differences of gifted children that warrant differentiated instruction?

Can children be gifted and not demonstrate their heightened abilities?

How can we motivate these children to perform and be achievers?

How do I determine an educational goodness of fit for gifted students?

What about the students who do not meet the criteria set by our district but have numerous traits of being gifted?

How can I help teachers nourish and enhance these children's gifts without becoming overwhelmed?

What administrators have said...

"I know that the principals who attended your talk left relieved and fulfilled. Some are still talking about it. It is interesting to me that schools, especially public schools, don't provide the mental health support for children. So thank you for what you do. Addressing the needs of gifted children takes a special understanding and perspective, which I found is a bit rare. You are a diamond in the rough." -Principal, elementary school


"Thank you for new insights, strategies and resources."


"You brought messages to life with your everyday examples. Thank you for expanding my perspective. Your expertise and viewpoint helped me solve some dilemmas and was enlightening."


"I would like to have known this information 27 years ago when I first became a principal. I guess I still have a lot to learn."